YEC AUTO offers a wide variety of links and tie rods that are key components to Steering and Suspension portfolio. The link and tie rod product offerings include stabilizer links; tie-rod ends and assemblies; front and rear toe links; center links; and idler and pitman arms for vehicle manufacturers' original equipment and service needs. YEC AUTO offers designs that are vehicle packaging enablers; they provide weight savings and are key-life-capable to meet customers' reliability requirements.

Professional made :Tie rod end, Ball joing, Rack end, Stabilizer link, Drag link, Center link, Cross rod,Side rod,,Idler arm, Pitman arm, Lower arm, Shaft kit, Bushing, Rubber, Engine mount


YEC AUTO PARTS was founded in 1988, and specializes in manufacturing automobile chassis parts and business of forgingparts, special screws, and pneumatic tools encompassing product development, mold design, mold making production.

Our company adheres to the position of consistently high quality, sophisticated technology, reasonable price, and actual customer needs to win customer trust and support. Based on high precision machinery and equipment, advanced processing techniques, professional design talents, and spirit of pursuit excellence in innovation, we provide customers with the expertise of the consulting services.

At the same time, we also uphold the highest customer service-oriented principle to meet customer needs to reach communication and consensus with clients. Customers can feel at ease with us to develop design to create maximized profit margins and improve market competitiveness.


High quality and superior service are the basic concepts and spirits of our company. Providing customers the most dedicated service is the highest honor and cense of our mission. You are more than welcome to email us, and feel free to advise. Stringent quality requirements and complete service are the purposes of how we treat our products and operate our business.

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